15 days of yoga

Access to a daily practice for 15 days 

Practice breath-work, asana, and meditation from the convenience of your own home.
Discover new ways of connecting with your self.  
Get grounded in the body.

Get connected with yourself

Building a daily practice means getting connected with yourself.  With yoga, meditation, breath-work, and mindfulness you can quiet the mind and notice your feelings.
When you notice your feelings, you are more capable of meeting your own needs.  You release the pressure to do, fix, change, or make "better". 
Instead you practice the art of "being". You discover a journey to self-acceptance. 
Ocean waves

Go with the flow of your breath. 

Go with the flow of the ocean waves and move your body.

Slow it down

Gentle flow in the woods. Listen to sounds of nature + a Spotify playlist to pair with your flow.

Open the heart

Bicoastal views of Maui while opening your heart.

Show up for yourself

When you show up for yourself with a daily yoga practice, you release fear and doubt. You clear out old patterns. 

You begin to build trust with yourself.

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Heal old wounds while re-membering your authenticity, your
inner voice, and your wisdom.
What's the benefit of practicing yoga?
Yoga has so many benefits, including relieving anxiety and depression, gaining flexibility and mobility in the body, calming the mind, and increasing energy. 
Why practice daily?
When you incorporate a routine into your life to move, meditate, and focus on your breath, you will notice clarity and focus throughout your day.  Sometimes, this takes several days to sink in, which is why, a daily practice helps to fuel you forward in your life. 
How is this different than other online options?
Practicing yoga with Christy gives you a consistent person to learn with.  You will have video of the movement to check in with yourself in each pose to make sure you have proper alignment.  She guides you with her voice and reminds you to pay attention to breath, engagement of the muscles, and observing the wandering mind (not letting it be a distraction).  PLUS you get amazing views of Maui in each video. 
How do I get the videos?
The videos come to you in email each day. You'll receive a link to watch the pre-recorded videos and a little extra something special. 
How many times can I watch the videos? 
As many times as you'd like.  You have lifetime access to the videos as long as they remain on YouTube.  I ask that you keep them to yourself and don't forward the links to a friend.  Rather, refer your friend to this page to give them the opportunity to enroll in their 15 days of yoga. 
What is the cost of the yoga practice?
You will experience 15 yoga videos for $45.  That's $3 per video plus a sweet surprise in every email.

Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

- Hippocrates

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