Healing support with  Essential Oils

Balance. This became my favorite oil to help ground me when I feel light headed and uneasy.   After about a year of relying only on doTERRA's Balance, I thought, "There has to be more to this oil industry." 

My friend, Ari, introduced me to the 101 of oils and the business.  DoTERRA's compensation plan gives the most on the most and the least on the least. You can read more about it by visiting doTERRA's website, here

Whether you want to start a doTERRA business and receive commissions or be a customer to experience the oils at wholesale pricing plus receive points, I'm here to help with doTERRA Essential Oils. 

When you enroll with me, you receive special support on your healing journey to learn how you can incorporate oils into your daily life for emotional, mental, and physical well-being.  

To schedule a call with me, click here.  

Four ways to use oils with an existing healing practice 

1. Enhance your existing practices with essential oils by incorporating them before and after a yoga practice

2. Clear energy in your home by diffusing your favorite essential oils.  Contact me to find out which oils to use for various moods. 

3. Put a drop of essential oil under your feet to support full body wellness. 

4. Use a few drops of lemon in your drinking water to alkalize your drinking water for extra health benefits and support digestion.  

Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

- Hippocrates

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