A healing course for you to experiment, practice, and decide, with intention, what best serves you for caring for your own needs and bring you consistent self-care at any given moment. 


If you’re ready to make change in your life. If you’ve sat with yourself and noticed some uncomfortable elements rising to the surface and you’re ready to get into it, I’m here with you.


I’m here to guide you on your way. 


By the end of this experience, you will not only gather new awareness of yourself, you will identify what ails you, see how to shift it and begin to feel more like you had always felt called to be. Your truth. Your authenticity. And your knowing of who you are.


Self-care is more than just getting a massage or sitting down to watch your favorite show on Netflix.  This course is gives you an inside look into what you are feeling., what your needs are, and how to meet those needs. 


After this course you will...

  • ​know how to listen to your heart

  • be in touch with your needs

  • have a stronger practice for self-reflection

  • have a clear self-care plan for right now

  • have the tools to shift that plan as needed in any given moment 


We bring awareness to the feelings, to understand your needs, and thus take care of those needs with self-care. 

This four week course is filled with:


-Sound Healing

-Special Yoga for sequences

-Planning tools

-Journaling exercises

-Videos to get you started each week

-Facebook group to check in with the community 



Create Your Self-Care Plan will later be released for $187

This is a special opportunity to be the FIRST to take the course and offer your feedback as part of the Beta Launch. 


In return for providing your feedback, you get this course  for a special rate!

Create Your Self-Care Plan = $87


AND!! Instead of paying the normal $200 for Annual pass for "Yoga on Maui,"  you can get access to the online yoga platform for $100 for signing up to this beta launch. 


PLUS:  You get 50% off on all future courses.

Still not sure if this course is for you?  Imagine when someone asks you, "How do you feel?"  Does your response begin with, "I think..." 


Or maybe you've been "feeling" like you "need" something, but you're just not quite sure what it is or how to get there?


THIS could be that opportunity to find clarity. 


Get into your body, clear your mind, open your heart, and breathe.  Four weeks of breathing, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practices. 


When you sign up for this beta launch, you receive these special rates:

Create Your Self-Care Plan = $87

Yoga on Maui for ONE YEAR = $100 (Coupon Code provided upon purchase of CYSCP)

50% off on all future course offerings

You. Are. Worth. It.  

Ready to put yourself first? 

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Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

- Hippocrates

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