Reiki Retreat

Deepen trust with yourself while on retreat to become a Reiki Master

This is a special opportunity to become a Reiki Master on retreat in Haiku...

Plus learn Reiki history to prepare for the retreat through digital learning.

Meet your Reiki teacher

You will learn with Christy Chadwick, Reiki Master, Reiki Drummer, and Intuitive Healer.  As an educator, Christy brings light to your own personal healing journey so that you can offer care to others.  During this retreat experience, you will have opportunities to work with Christy on your own self-doubt, limiting beliefs, awareness of yourself (heart, body, mind), and connection with your higher self.  Specifically, Christy will lead gentle morning yoga and meditations to set the tone for the day.  She will attune and help you practice your Reiki.  Each night, she will hold space for a Reiki Drum Journey, guiding you through subconscious thinking that might be holding you back from living your truth. 

Featuring special guests

Yoga featuring Cara for the grounding into the body. 

Rebekah offers her Zero Balancing workshop to learn the energy of the bones. 

Yummy, fresh organic food from Rebecca. 

Self Reflexology  Lesson with Christy

Massage TBA

You will gain tools to enhance your self-awareness
You will strengthen the bond with your Self
You will take home with you tools to create healthy boundaries
You will experience spiritual growth and healing
To view the tentative schedule, click here.

Digital practice online

June 19 - July 10

Stories from students...

"Thanks to Reflective Healing, I am now a certified Reiki Master, and more importantly I have been able to access my own Power and tap into the infinite source of healing. Practicing with Christy is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She an amazing healer and instructor who really believes in the potential of each individual, breaks down the “woo”, and patiently listens and guides you to all of your own answers. I highly recommend one of her sessions or classes if you haven’t booked one already! Thank you Christy! 💗"

"I have been receiving Reiki over the last few years which has always been an exceptional experience - grounding, energizing and clearing at the same time. I was curious about the technique and wanted to dive deeper into the topic and learn more about it. Coincidentally I came across Christy's course and instantly was intrigued. It came at the right time and I finished all 3 levels of Reiki training. It was a profound experience which gave me a lot of insight, a better understanding of the work and I am definitely a lot more attuned to myself as well as my surroundings. Christy's training was very comprehensive and approachable, I learnt a lot and can't wait to pass on my experiences."


Includes digital course, Reiki Master Certification, massage, gifts, and fresh organic meals


Declare your spot now with a $300 non-refundable deposit. 

Payment plans available

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Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

- Hippocrates

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