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Cara believes passionately in the power of breath and barefeet. At age 15, she became the student of Kundalini Yoga and Energy Healers, Ataana and Tammie Badilli. Their wisdom sparked Cara’s interest to explore the teachings of yoga as a pathway for emotional and physical resilience.

While pursing her B.F.A in fine arts, Cara continued her yogic studies. She completed 400hrs of Vinyasa teacher training, was certified as a Pranic Healer under Master Chao Kok Sui, and practiced Vipassana and Zen meditation with community teachers. She’s completed trainings in Children's Yoga, Baptiste Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for leadership, Sequencing asana, the Art of Assisting, Pre-natal yoga, Effigy breath, and has been published several times with her programs that combine yoga and art process. 

Throughout her career, Cara has had the opportunity to teach and study a variety of disciplines, but her intention with Karma Yoga, or service in action, has remained constant. Her first year teaching,  she noticed her community’s need for more accessible yoga, and created a donation based class called Last Call Yoga (2009-2018). This served as a platform to advocate for social change, raising awareness and funds for community needs. Eventually, Last Call Yoga inspired local studios to adopt the concept of outreach through yoga.

Cara has taught yoga at Savannah State University, Savannah College of Art and Design, and served as Professor of Yoga for Georgia Southern University; designing and facilitating an accredited yoga curriculum. Additionally she has created numerous programs for Yoga Alliance teacher trainings around spine and hip mobility.

Making Maui her permanent home in 2018, she was honored to share Last Call Yoga with Maui Yoga Fest. In 2019, she launched a Yoga apparel line and completed her first U.S. tour; offering workshops specializing in spine, hip, and joint resilience.  Cara is honored to have the opportunity to grow alongside students and share her creativity and joy for the practice of yoga. 

To learn more about Cara, visit her website,

Learn the significance of bones and bone energy, how old trauma and information can be stored in the bones and how to work with releasing old patterns and encouraging the formation of new healthy bone growth and mobility.

Work through a series of yoga poses with attention to the bones and bone energy specifically, increasing joint mobility and experiencing the effects of an open flow of bone energy in different specific postures. We will go over adaptations to suit your body, breathing, pace, and understanding how to use this tool for transformation and health.

Rebecca Mayer grows veggies and forages wild foods and fruits on Maui. She is passionate about farm (or tree) to table cuisine and loves to share recipes, health benefits, and ayurvedic eating tips as part of her catering offering.  She developed a Chakra Yoga Teacher Training. Find out more at

Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

- Hippocrates

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